Mission Statement

A Holistic Scientific Vision of the Future World

1. Design, Build and Operate The Open Research Establishment by 2050 for the future benefit of all Humankind - The ORE-STEM Complex 1
1.1 Scientific Research and Discovery - Creative Laboratories
1.2 Technological Application - Application Laboratories
1.3 Engineering Structures - Creation and Commercialization Laboratories
1.4 Manufacturing Excellence - Domestic and Global Product Making for the Markets

2. Design, Build and Operate over 1,000 ORE-Incubator Centres Throughout the World by 2050 for the Benefit of all Peaceful Nations 2
2.1 Basic Innovation Laboratories - Innovator/Inventor Catchment Centre
2.2 Crystallization and Applications Incubator - Investigation and Product Catalyst
2.3 Commercialization Centre - Prototype Product Development
2.4 Innovation-Business Interface Dialogue Centre - Product to Markets

3. Government Advisers to Non-Aggressive Nations
3.1 Scientific, Technological, Engineering and Manufacturing Strategy - Domestic and Global
3.2 Creative Investment - Domestic and Global
3.3 Direction - Global

4. Advisers to Environmentally Conscientious Corporate Entities
4.1 Product Development - Domestic and Global
4.2 Product Investment Strategy - Domestic and Global
4.3 Sustainability and Competitive Advantage - Domestic and Global

1 The ORE-STEM Complex - Phase 1
A US$22.5 Billion Scientific, Technological, Engineering and Manufacturing Complex - the World's Largest Open Research Establishment. Equipped and Operational for 20,000 leading-edge scientists, engineers, technologists and innovators

2 ORE-Incubator Centres
US$23 Million Incubator Laboratories to exploit inventive/innovative thought and thereafter commercialize their potential in the domestic and global markets of the 21st century.