Which world do we really want?

A sustainable world or a world that offers little for future generations to come?
That is the question that we shall all have answer over the next three decades

Dear friends, honoured guests and my fellow students of life,

Thank you for inviting me to your august university and where I feel greatly honoured to be speaking to you today. Indeed, your celebrated university is known throughout the world for its educational excellence, innovation and leading edge research.

Today I shall give you an introduction and overview to the World Innovation Foundation but where sadly I shall also have to outline some of the major problems that will affect us all, and especially the younger people who are with us today.

I start my address therefore by enlightening you on what is the WIF, what it stands for and a little about it’s History.

Firstly I give you a Statement so that you may understand a little of what the WIF is;

“The World Innovation Foundation or The WIF is a global advisory body presently representing over two-thousand five hundred of the world’s most eminent scientists, engineers, economists, technologists and applied thinkers. Presently within these numbers we have eighty-five unique individuals who have been awarded the Nobel Prize in physics, chemistry, medicine, peace and economics. The WIF is an ever-growing global body of applied thinkers working at the creative and leading edge of all known knowledge and where our distinguished membership of global consultants grows by over four-hundred every year”.

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