New York stock exchange crash

But other considerations outweigh our reluctance to change for if we do not change the way in which we presently conduct ourselves on this planet, both the financial markets and the global banking system run the high risk of eventual collapse. We say this because the global turmoil brought about by some, or a combination of any of the world's impending problems that I have cited previously, will have the dire effect of panic, and that is what brings down empires no matter how powerful that they may think they might be.

We should all therefore have an interest in solving our mutual problems together and where these immense challenges that faces the future world will definitely not go away.

In this respect without timely great change, conflict both military & economic (possibly the greater of the two wars that will be waged in this century) will undoubtedly unfold.

But with the emergence of these new technological industries that will materialize, as night follows day in the 21st century, there will be a need for a new breed of business managers and leaders to materialise. In this respect this Business School may be the very business school to start that required process, for you will not have fixed mindsets and ideals such as the more prodigious international business schools have today.

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