But what you might ask is the Mission of the WIF?

Globally Interlinked Network of ORE Incubator Centres


The Mission of the WIF is vast. In terms of financial input over the next fifty-years we are looking at a capital investment to undertake our mission for humankind of around US$150 billion in present-day worth terms or in other words some US$3 billion on average each and every year.

This consists of putting into place the creative infrastructure that the world needs if we are to prevent our very extinction being under threat during this century and also to provide the ‘technological tools and miracle technologies’ that we shall all need to solve the world’s impending global problems. These problems are immense to say the very least.

Therefore our mission, God willing, is to:
  1. Design, build and operate The Open Research Establishment by 2050 for the future benefit of all Humankind - The ORE-STEM Complex
  2. Design, Build and Operate over 1,000 ORE-Incubator Centres throughout the World by 2050 for the Benefit of all Peaceful Nations
  3. Act as independent advisors to all Non-Aggressive Nations
  4. Act as principal advisers to Environmentally Conscientious Corporate Entities

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