Excerpts from letters of support received by the World Innovation Foundation

THANK YOU for noticing my contributions and I am delighted to become a Fellow of this Foundation which is trying a most worthwhile task needed today ... I am awaiting to learn from other eminent Scientists and Engineers, and looking forward to contribute to this socially worthy effort.
Professor I M Dharmadasa, Sheffield, United Kingdom
June 3rd, 2003, Sent to: Dr. D. S. Hill

...This is a great honor and I accept this invitation with pleasure.You may count on me in case you need my support in the activities of WIF...
Professor Dr. Gerhard Gottschalk, President of the Union of the German Academies of Science and former President of All European Academies (ALLEA), Gottingen, Germany
May 22nd, 2003, Sent to: Dr D. S. Hill

...It is a great pleasure to accept your Foundation's kind offer to become the Consulting Fellow
Major General (retired) Pan Zhenqiang, Beijing, People's Republic of China
May 14th, 2003, Sent to: Dr. D. S. Hill

...I am very honoured to accept your invitation to become a Consulting Fellow of the WIF. I am delighted to serve and I am looking forward to be included in your activities as soon as possible...
Professor Dr. Ivo Slaus, Member Parliament of Croatia, Vice-president Trade Union of scientists and university professors, former president of the Council of the SDP Zagre, Dubrovnik, Croatia
May 3rd, 2003, Sent to: Dr. D. S. Hill

...I would like to congratulate you and your colleagues for this noble endeavour. I am a Vice President of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO), which is an international non-governmental organization bringing together more than 10 million engineers from 80 countries...
Professor Kamel Ayadi, WFEO Vice-President, Committee on Information and Communication Chairman, Congress Chairman, Tunisia, Tunis
April 22nd, 2003, Sent to: Dr. D. S. Hill

...As I share many of the concerns of WIF, it will be a pleasure for me to be an Honorary Member of the Foundation. Together let us work for a new century when science and humanities will march hand in hand for the betterment of the world...
Professor Dr. M S Valiathan, President of the Indian Academy of Sciences, New Delhi, India
April 1st, 2003, Sent to: Dr. D. S. Hill

...After studying the information I concluded that the goals of the WIF are of utmost importance and deserve every possible support. It is therefore my pleasure and honor to accept your invitation...
Nobel Laureate Dr. Hans Deisenhofer, Dallas, USA
March 7th, 2003, Sent to: Dr. D. S. Hill

...I would be very happy to accept your invitation...
Nobel Laureate Dr. Herbert Kroemer, Santa Barbara, USA
March 7th, 2003, Sent to: Dr. D. S. Hill

Your reference to WIF's mission is especially timely in these dangerous days. I shall welcome the opportunity to share ideas on the way forward with your many Fellows.
Leonard Maunder, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
March 3rd, 2003, Sent to: Dr D. S. Hill

...I support the 'Mission' of the World Innovation Foundation. It is a great pleasure for me to accept your invitation for election to 'Consulting Fellow' for the Foundation...
Professor Dr. Osman Demircan, Vice-Rector, Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Turkey
February 1st, 2003, Sent to: Dr. D. S. Hill

...It is a pleasure to see an organization working towards a world order that is based on equality, a sharing environment and human dignity. I am happy to be the member of such an organization. We are very clear in our minds that the Indian Space Program has to be for the development of our people. It is perhaps this resolve that we have perhaps the world's most extensive application program encompassing remote sensing and communications...
Dr. PS Goel, Director, ISRO Satellite Centre, Bangalore, India
January 31st, 2003, Sent to: Dr. D. S. Hill

...I hope that I can make a difference.
Nobel Laureate Dr. Herbert A. Hauptman, President, Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute, Buffalo, USA
January 30th, 2003, Sent to: Dr. D. S. Hill

...I find the scope of the organization to be very significant to the modern world. I will strive to contribute meaningfully to its noble goals in every way possible...
Professor Dr. Krishnamurthy Muralidhar, Kanpur, India
January 28th, 2003, Sent to: Dr. D. S. Hill

...In answer to your letter of September 11, I am impressed by your efforts. I would be pleased to become an Honorary Member...
Nobel Laureate Dr. George A. Olah, Los Angeles, USA
January 27th, 2003, Sent to: Dr. D. S. Hill

...Many scientists, me as well, would like to have influence on the decisions of their governments. As individuals we can hardly realise that goal. But, by joining our efforts through WIF we could eventually be more successful. The WIF's proposal to construct and operate the ORE-STEM Complex seems to be a right proposal in order to engage efficiently all nations in the development and the rational use of science and technology. Good education, especially good science education of the world population is indispensable for the solution of mankind's global problems. But, this is not an easy task...
Professor Dr. Mirjana Popovic-Bozic, Beograd, Yugoslavia
January 26th, 2003, Sent to: Dr. D. S. Hill

...I am pleased to accept your invitation to become an Honorary Member of the World Innovation Foundation.
Nobel Laureate Professor F. Sherwood Rowland, Irvine, USA
January 25th, 2003, Sent to: Dr. D. S. Hill

...I appreciate your letter and invitation, and want to let you know that I will be glad to be an Honorary Member of the World Innovation Foundation.
Nobel Laureate Dr. Charles H. Townes, Berkeley, USA
January 24th, 2003, Sent to: Dr. D. S. Hill

...I fully attend to be involved in national and global decision making, especially in regard to minerals...
Professor Dr. Hatton S.Yoder, Director Emeritus, Geophysical Laboratory, Washington, USA
January 23rd, 2003, Sent to: Dr. D. S. Hill

I have the honour and pleasure to address you in order to express my most profound appreciation for having been elected as "Honorary Member of the World Innovation Foundation".

May I assure you that I shall endeavour to preserve spirit and faith in a better future - a future which is determined by tolerance, solidarity, friendship, respect, understanding and humanism, a future where the terms mutual understanding and peace will become true conceptions of humanity.

I avail myself of this opportunity to express my best wishes for the prosperity of your Institution and wish you every success.

Please accept, Mr President, the assurances of my highest consideration and personal respect.
Andrei Andries, President of the Academy of Sciences Moldova, Chisinau, Moldova
February 26th, 2003, Sent to: Nobel Laureate Prof. Dr. Jerome Karle

...I want to express my gratitude for this honourful appointment. But, more importantly, I want to confirm my availability for consultation in any matters in my domain of expertise...
Professor Dr. Willem J.M. Levelt, President, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, Amsterdam, Netherlands
February 11th, 2003, Sent to: Dr. D. S. Hill

...I will be delighted to become a consulting Honorary Member of the World Innovation Foundation...
Nobel Laureate Dr. Yuan T.Lee, President, Academica Sinica, January 22nd, 2003, Sent to: Dr. D. S. Hill

...I am pleased to inform you that when asked, I will be delighted to serve...
Professor Dr. Edward S. Ayensu, Chairman, Inspection Panel, World Bank, Washington, USA
January 21st, 2003, Sent to: Dr. D. S. Hill

...Wishing the best of success in our endeavours to develop the mechanisms to provide the future generations with a far better life...
Professor Dr. Abdellatif Berbich, President & Permanent Secretary Academy of the Kingdom of Morocco, Morocco
January 20th, 2003, Sent to: Dr. D. S. Hill

...I have always believed that a cooperative scientific world is a key element tomake this world a far better place for our future generations...I certainly welcome the unexpected honor of being part of the Foundation's vast and important plans and activities...
Professor DR. Alberto Giesecke M., President, Academia Nacional de Ciencias Peru, Peru
January 19th, 2003, Sent to: Dr. D. S. Hill

...I am happy to note that I am made an Honorary Member of the World Innovation Foundation. I wish to convey my gratitude for the honour conferred on me and look forward to contributing to the work of the Foundation to accomplish it's mission.
Prof. Goverdhan Mehta, Director, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India
January 14th, 2003, Sent to: Dr. D. S. Hill

...It is difficult for me to find a good reason for not accepting at this moment the honorary membership of WIF. Thanks for considering me and I look forward to a fruitful collaboration...
Nobel Laureate Dr. Richard R. Ernst, Zuerich, Switzerland
January 12th, 2003, Sent to: Dr. D. S. Hill

I would be honoured to accept the proposal of election as a consulting fellow and look forward to making a contribution to your foundation.
S. George Carruthers, MD, Dean, United Arab Emirates University (Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences), Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
November 9th, 2002, Sent to: Dr. D. S. Hill

It is my honor and a pleasure to accept your invitatino and to become a member of this distinguished group of illustrious individuals.
Alan J. Heeger, Nobel prize winner, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
October 25th, 2002, Sent to: Dr. D. S. Hill

One of the most efficient ways to combat poverty and other misery in large parts of the world is to provide information and education. What we really have to combat is misinformation and ignorance, illiteracy and superstition. And we can. There must be great emphasis on educating teachers throughout the world, in particular areas stricken by poverty. Convinve politicians that school education must be made obligatory and of course available for certain age groups. In fact, thinking of television to be a great tool for spreading information, about the world around us, to the adult population, is not at all a silly idea. In our programs for aid to the developing world, I think that encouraging the spread of television sets is an option to be considered. Just think of how it would encourage people to learn the languages of the developed world, and the benefits that could bring to them.
Nobel Laureate Gerard 't Hooft, Spinoza Institute, Universiteit Utrecht, Netherlands
October 24th, 2002, Sent to: Dr. D. S. Hill

I fully agree that mankind faces problems which have to be solved urgently to avoid great conflicts. I hope that in joining the foundation as a Fellow - I gratefully accept your invitation - one can contribute solving some of these problems.
Prof. Dr. Arndt Simon, Max_Planck-Institut Fur Festkorperforschung, Stuttgart, Germany
October 15th, 2002, Sent to: Dr. D. S. Hill

I am impressed by the activity of your Foundation. I am very aware of the difficulties which face humanity at this time.
Prof. Ilya Prigogine, Nobel Laureate, Instituts Internationaux de Physique et de Chimie and Internationale Instituten voor Fysixa en Chemie, Brussels, Belgium
October 7th, 2002, Sent to: Dr. D. S. Hill

Looking forward to fruitful interaction in furthering the Foundation's mission...
Dr. Anil Kakodkar, Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission and Secretary, Department of Atomic Energy, Mumbai, India
September 13th, 2002, Sent to: Dr. D. S. Hill