Members of the World Innovation Foundation

The World Innovation Foundation presently has over 1000 members with several hundred more in the process of becoming members. We are presently in the process of collating and databasing information on our members for use on our website and other presentational material. However, due to the large numbers involved, producing this database and the necessary software to accompany it is a time-consuming task. Below, and on a further 23 pages, is a list of our members, sorted by country and accurate to May 2002 - some of our long-standing members are detailed hereafter. These pages are temporary - in the near future they will be replaced by a fully searchable members database.


Professor Dr. Bardhyl Musai PhD

Professor Dr. Ylli Popa


Mr. Moncef Ghrib

Professor Dr. Mohamed Miliani PhD


Professor Dr. Eduardo Bottani

Professor Dr. Pedro Lobo PhD

Professor Dr. Patricio Murúa

Professor Dr. R.P. Petty PhD


Professor Dr. Alita Danagulyan PhD


Professor Dr. Donald Aitkin AO, MA, PhD, FASSA, FACE

Professor John Braithwaite BA, PhD

Dr. Judith Buckrich PhD

Professor Dr. Norman Burges CBE BSc (Hons.) MSc PhD FIBiol FLS Dr.(mult.) & Hons.

Professor Dr. John Cowley BSc MSc PhD DSc FRS FAA Dr. & Hons.(mult.)

Professor Dr. James Duncan ME DSc CEng, Hons.(mult.)

Professor Dr. David Green PhD, DSc, h.c.Dr.mult., FAA, FRS, Hons.mult.

Professor Howard Hanley B.Sc. Ph.D.

Professor Dr. Stephen Hill AM, BSc (Hons), MBA, FTSE, PhD

Professor Dr. Robin Holliday PhD, FRSE

Professor Dr. Raghbendra Jha B.A.(Honours), M.A., Ph.D. (Economics)

Professor Dr. B. Kennett Ph.D., Sc.D.

Professor Stephen Leeder BSc(Med)Hons, MB, BSHons, PhD

Professor Dr. Barry Osmond PhD, FRS, FAA

Professor Dr. David Paterson MA, MSc, DPhil

In Memoriam: Professor Sir Rutherford Robertson AC CMG DSc PhD FAA FRS FNAS FRS(NZ) FRSE MAPC FAAAS Dr. & Hons.(mult.)
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