So what is the WIF undertaking at the present time in the applied sense?

To understand this I will have to give you a brief understanding into the thinking behind what the WIF is doing.

Artists impressions and model of the Open Research Establishment

Globally Interlinked ORE Incubator Centres

This revolves around the CONCEPT of Globally interlinked ORE-Incubator Centres and the ORE-STEM Complex that harnesses and releases the creative thinking of all humankind.

In this respect I state that the most powerful and evolutionary force in the universe is 'Creative Thought'. This is what makes us unique as humans as all other living organisms, although they are orderly, have not the capacity or capability to think for themselves in a continuous creative way.

Everything that human civilization undertakes is controlled by the inner thoughts of mankind. Without the inherent force of creativity that resides in all humanity, no progress would be attained or indeed sustained. It is the thoughts of mankind that drives forward the frontiers of science and human civilization itself.

For far too long the world has worked apart, constantly at war with its fellow human beings. It is ironically but true that it was not until the creation of the concept known as the mutual annihilation of nations with the advent of the Atomic Bomb that humankind started to comprehend that world wars were futile. Indeed, the 'bomb' has been the sole reason for our specie's progressive existence that has guaranteed global peace in our time. In this respect there has never been a period in the history of the world where there has not been a major war that has engulfed our entire planet.

Now the world is at the cornerstone of a new realism. With the advent of the World Wide Web nations can now communicate instantaneously between each other. This miracle of human endeavour is the first stage in a world destined, if the right global environment is conceived, to work as one nation, banishing wars and human suffering forever.

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