This future vision is of a the Progressive Environment and where the Reasons for change lie within ourselves

Science is the great universal resource and leveller of humankind. Scientists and engineers of every nation in the world understand each other through mathematics and knowledge of the physical and abstract world. Chinese scientist with scientists from the United States work in cooperative scientific endeavour and which is so for any joint or multilateral engagements in science. Scientific endeavour and discovery are therefore one of the great bonding agents of mankind.

In this respect creativity resides in every free-thinking person on our planet. Indeed, this pre-eminent human resource has made the modern what it is today and what it shall be tomorrow. Without it, mankind's very existence could not have evolved or continue.

Indeed, the history of the world again has shown that the majority of the modern world's major inventions that metamorphosised themselves into global technological industries, were not created in centres of advanced research, but as unlikely as it may sound, in the minds of human individuals outside the confines of main-stream science with an intense interest in what they were doing. Examples abound, the TV set, the car, the personal computer, satellite communications, the WWW, the aeroplane, the email, the transistor, the electric light bulb, the jet engine, the electricity industry etc, etc. The list goes on infinitum.

But from what backgrounds did these scientific pioneers emerge?

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